Koželj d.o.o. Dob, Vegova ulica 12, 1233 Dob (hereinafter referred to as Koželj or the organiser) organises prize draws on the Facebook profile and on with known winnings (hereinafter: the giveaway).

The purpose of the giveaways is to promote Koželj products and to increase visitation of the site and Facebook profile At each individual giveaway, the product is presented in the description of the giveaway on the Facebook profile

All adult persons with permanent residence in the Republic of Slovenia can participate in the giveaway. People who organise the giveaway cannot participate. All participants in the giveaway agree to the Rules and Conditions of Participation (hereinafter: the Rules) and accept them in full by participating in the prize competition.
Purchase is not a prerequisite for participating in a giveaway, unless otherwise specified.
Individuals can participate in a prize game as described in the announcement of a particular giveaway on the Facebook's profile
The rules of the prize competition are available in written form from the organiser of the giveaway, Koželj d.o.o. Dob, Vegova ulica 12, 1233 Dob.
The list of winners is kept by the company Koželj d.o.o. Dob, Vegova ulica 12, 1233 Dob.
The prizewinners allow the publication of their name and surname along with a link to their Facebook profile on the Facebook profile and on
Koželj d.o.o. Dob, Vegova ulica 12, 1233 Dob, as the manager, keeps, maintains, and supervises the collection of personal data of individuals in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1-UPB1).

The giveaways will be held from the 4th of April 2017 until their cancellation. Information about each individual giveaway, such as the period of each individual giveaway and the methods of participation, the conditions of participation, possible rewards, etc. will be published in a post on the Facebook profile at least once through the duration of each individual giveaway.

Prizes that will be awarded in the giveaway and their value with included ddv are described in the specific announcement pertaining to said giveaway on the Facebook profile The prizewinners have no right to claim different rewards or prizes in excess of the amounts set out in these rules. The prize cannot be exchanged for cash or replaced with other items, nor transferred to a third party. The organiser does not assume any responsibility regarding the use of prizes.

The organiser reserves the right not to award a prize if:

  • a reasonable doubt arises in the identity of the data of the participant or
  • it is established that the participant does not meet the conditions laid down in these Rules or has participated in a prize game in violation of the rules and conditions.

It is expected that the prize will be delivered by mail to the participant within one week of announcing the results. If the participant does not provide the above information, he is not entitled to claim the prize from the organiser. In this case, the organiser is free of any obligations he has towards the participants on the basis of these rules. In this case, the participant also has no right to any other or different reward. The organiser can use the prize for any other purpose.

Drawing will take place at Koželj d.o.o. Dob in the time that is described in the post about a specific giveaway on the Facebook profile. The winner will be drawn by means of the Woobox program (, which ensures impartiality in the selection of the prize recipient. The final result of the giveaway will be published on the website and in the announcement of the specific giveaway on the Facebook profile. The winner agrees that their name, surname, and place of residence will be published on the organiser's website and Facebook profile.

Koželj d.o.o. Dob, Vegova Street 12, 1233 Dob does not assume any responsibility for:

  • (Non) functioning of the Facebook social network.
  • (Non) validity of the data sent by the participants.
  • Non-functioning of the online service as a result of the failure of the network of contractual partners, power failure, or other technical disturbances that could temporarily interfere with the use of the service,
  • Any consequences that the participant may suffer from participating in the prize game.

The organiser does not bear responsibility for any costs incurred by the participants in participating in the giveaway (using the access to the World Wide Web, etc.). Participants participate in the giveaway at their own risk. The organiser does not take any responsibility for any undesirable consequences that the participant and / or anyone else may suffer as a result of participation in the giveaway. In the event of circumstances that the organiser cannot influence ("Acts of god"), the organiser may cancel the giveaway. The organiser must inform the participants via the media. In such a case, the organiser will not be held liable for possible damage to the participants. In the event of any dispute or ambiguity, these rules shall be taken into account as the prevailing formal code. Participants may at any time request removal of their personal data acquired during the giveaway by sending their request in the form of an electronic message to the e-mail address: In this case they are also excluded from the prize draw.

For all questions that may arise in connection with the giveaways and are not governed by these rules, the 3-member commission of the organiser is responsible for providing explanation. Its interpretation is final and no appeal can be made against it. These rules are valid from the date of acceptance onwards, that is, from 05.04.2017 and published on the organiser's website - under the NEWS banner. The organiser reserves the right to change the rules in cases of technical or commercial requirement, or based on the needs of the public.

Changes will be posted on and on the Facebook profile The rules of giveaways are available at or the Facebook profile.

For additional information, interested parties can also write to