The beginning of Koželj d. o. o. goes back to between the first and second world wars. It all started when Jože Koželj met headmaster Alojz Poljšak in Austria. In his spare time, the headmaster engaged in herbalism, and our oldest products are a direct result of this knowledge. They later went to Vienna, where Koželj learned about tinctures, creams, and medicinal herbs from Poljšak. Due to his desire to help the sick, Koželj began to study iridodiagnositcs, thus beginning to diagnose ailments through urine.

After marrying Poljšak’s daughter, Sandra, he returned to Slovenia and began using his extensive knowledge to serve as a diagnostician, counsellor, and practitioner in the treatment of many diseases. As a result of his spreading fame, his name came to be known not just in Europe, but as far away as Australia and the United States. His patient roster came to include many well-known personalities throughout his career.

After the death of Jože Koželj, the company was taken over by his nephew who led it with many innovations to adapt to the modern world. Located in Dob, Slovenia near the town of Domžale, the company boasts a tradition of creating high-quality pharmaceutical-grade herbal products spanning back over 60 years.

In 1958-1959 our first products were successfully developed and registered by Jože Koželj as medications. PARAGIN cavity tincture was registered in 1958 in Belgrade, with an aromatic massage ointment, RASTIN, following a year later. Both are still available in pharmacies today, though now both are registered as cosmetic products due to changes in legislation.

After the dissolution of Yugoslavia and large changes to the market, we began to focus on the development of new products. In 1994, we began to sell our fish ointment, RIBODERMIN, which is intended for the care of dry, cracked, burnt, and irritated skin. This product has now long been used in the neonatal department of the Ljubljana Clinical Centre as well as many other maternity hospitals as it contains no allergens or preservatives and is extremely gentle on the skin, all of which makes it appropriate for the sensitive skin of babies.

This product was followed by our RASTIN F ointment and RASTIN V cream, extensions of our RASTIN line intended for those suffering from muscle pain and heavy, fatigued legs.

In the 1990s, after talks with athletes and physiotherapists, we developed our FIZIO collection, which is geared towards meeting the specific requirements of both of these groups. Since then, our products have been used extensively by physiotherapists, as well as both recreational and professional Slovenian athletes. Our wide range of FIZIO products includes products aimed towards increasing muscular circulation for use before and after activity, for recreational activity, and targeted products for massage in physiotherapy centres.

We recently launched a new line of cosmetic products for face, hand, and full-body skin care. This line was the result of many years of thorough research and the collective experience at our company. The gentle ingredients moisturise and soften the skin to restore its natural beauty

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