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Vanja Brodnik

Vanja Brodnik, former Slovene alpine skier

Vanja Brodnik

former Slovene alpine skier

When I have strenuous training and competitions, I need to ensure that my muscles are regenerating properly, so Koželj products are always in my bag. I use the heating crea, before and training and competitions. The herbal compress helps me regenerate and relieves pain in my knee and spine, especially when the rhythm of training and competitions gets very stressful. The carrot cream also ensures that my facial skin is soft and fresh, even if exposed to the wind, cold, and strong icy sun.

FB page: Vanja Brodnik

Instagram: Vanja Brodnik

Urška Rabič Bevc

Urška Rabič Bevc, Former Slovene alpine skier

Urška Rabič Bevc

Former Slovene alpine skier

I still remain active in the alpine skiing circles as the main trainer in Australia and the head of the US Academy of Sciences in Park City. As a competitor, I used FIZIO and RASTIN products to help me recover faster from injuries. Now for skin care I use KREMCA products. I use an anti-wrinkle cream every day for cold wind conditions out on the snow. When my day wraps up and my skin needs nutrients, I use the nighttime regenerative cream.

FB page: Urška Rabič Bevc

Alen Lilić

Alen Lilić, Licensed physiotherapist

Alen Lilić

Licensed physiotherapist

For my patients, among whom there are quite a few top athletes, I want to enable the quickest and best possible recovery, so for almost 20 years I have been using Koželj d. o. o. products for my practice. My preferred products are from the FIZIO collection, which is intended for athletes. I especially like to use FIZIO Artro and FIZIO herbal pads.

Website: fiziocenter

FB page: Alen Lilic

Ana Drev

Ana Drev, Slovene alpine skier

Ana Drev

Slovene alpine skier

I am a member of the Slovenian national A-team in alpine skiing. Throughout my career, I have had many injuries, but my most frequent problem has been ongoing struggles with my knee over the years (I have already had serious knee injuries twice), which keeps popping up as a result of my strenuous training. In order to be able to train past the first day, I need to take care of the situation several times overnight. FIZIO herbal remedies allow me to wake up the next morning with a fresher knee and only minor pain, ready for a new day.

Instagram: ana.drev

Ana Bucik

Ana Bucik, Slovene alpine skier

Ana Bucik

Slovene alpine skier

I am a member of our A-team in alpine skiing. Our sport is performed outdoors, often in difficult weather conditions. That's why I like to use the KREMCA® carrot cream to protect my skin from the sun, snow, and wind. In the evening I moisturise my face with the regenerative cream, and my hands with the scented lavender cream. The next day, I'm ready for action again.

FB page: Ana Bucik

Instagram: anabucik

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